Making Plans: How Not to Fall Behind


I still struggle at making plans. I’ve become better over time because of my husband; he can be very German and needs plans. My family, on the other hand, prefers to play things by ear, which can lead to no end of frustration for my husband.

But plans are useful creatures. Plans help me keep track of which week it is, which day of the week. They help me find balance with all the many projects and life-things.

I did not make a plan for Kate’s freewriting challenge. I focused so much on finishing the novel revision, on typing the revisions and getting it out to readers, that I mostly forgot about it. Focusing on the novel, I forgot that yesterday was Sunday: the day I normally type these posts, because I procrastinate.

I haven’t posted to my personal blog, or played with a story prompt, or started a blog series here on theatre wisdom for writers that I’ve been planning on for weeks now.

Because I haven’t planned for those things.

See? Balance is important.

On the bright side, the blizzard howling outside prevented my office from opening – a minor miracle. But I couldn’t have made it out of my driveway, anyway. I already know my next writing project: picking up the novel rough draft I put on hold a year ago. This means reviewing what I wrote up to that point, which I actually enjoy.

And with two weeks left in¬†February, I can still meet my freewriting challenge goal if I double up. So four freewrites per week. I have a feeling I’ll need them to work out novel kinks and remember where I wanted this story to go.


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