February Freewriting Challenge Update #1!

February Freewriting Challenge at AnxietyInk.com

Welcome to the first freewriting challenge update!

So far, I have been keeping up with my one freewriting sprint per day.

The thing that has surprised me the most is that I am doing them at night. Even though I get the itch to do them right when I wake up or while I’m on break at work, I haven’t been doing them. But just as I am trying to fall asleep, the guilt nags me to get my notebook and pen and just write for the ten minutes before I dream.

The first two days were sprints on writing. It was mostly me talking myself through the fear and anxiety of empty pages in new notebooks, self-worth, and confidence. But those feelings are the reason I wanted to make this challenge in the first place.

Then I shifted to the story ideas. And they are whatever tidbits I make out. Some are heavily entrenched scenes. Others are point form outlines, just grazing the surface of a story.

But the words are flowing. I keep the pen moving. I don’t care about the how legible my writing is after. I just keep moving my pen.

Upgrading the Challenge

So I want to move the challenge forward this next week. I want to move my freewriting away from the last thing I do in the day. After that, I want to move it to the computer. I want to translate my focus from pen to keyboard.

Checking in!

I know a few of you have joined me in this challenge. How has it gone? Let me know below.


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  1. I know I didn’t comment last week but sign me up for 2 per week. Last week I did manage to write 2 sessions that went to at least 10 mins. They were last minuters I didn’t really enjoy so I have similar goals as you for this week.

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