Happy New Year: 2017 Goals


A new year. A clean slate. I have one goal, one hope for 2017: to be better.

I squeaked in under the wire for last year with a story submission, which meant that my number of submissions for 2016 beat 2015. Two to 2015’s one, but still a win. In 2017, I’m making it my goal to at least equal last year’s submission count of two. Because low bars can be healthy things and my track record shows that could still be a stretch.

I will finish the novel draft that occupied so much of last year. I will polish the short stories I have in hopes of publication and I will craft new ones. Also, I want to revive my practice of tallying non-writing days, allowing myself 52 days off in the year (and hoping I won’t need them all).

In theatre, audition for more shows and try to expand outside my comfort zone. The more theatre I do, the bigger that grows, so the harder I have to work at challenging myself.

I want to do my best to be a safe space for those who need them – and I think a lot of us will need them.

For years, I’ve wanted to get into more of a photo taking habit. Twitter and Facebook each has problems as a photo-sharing platform, so I guess it’s finally time I try Instagram. Step one: create my own account. We’ll see how it goes before I start setting expectations.

And my personal blog could use some revamping. It underwent another three month hiatus last year, so I’m setting a goal or one or two posts a month. I’d rather have at least one post a week, but that has proven unsustainable over and over.

Without plans, I’ve decided not to set travel goals just yet. Except for one: get out. I have to escape Maine at least a couple times.

I expect this new year to have a crazy amount of quirks. A lot of them will be negative. But we can do better.

Art makes the world a better place. Successfully accomplishing all the goals I’ve laid out will be a tricky balancing act, but it all primarily boils down to: make more art.


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  1. I think I want to tally my non-writing days as well, to see how I can do to improve my writing habit.

    For my personal blog, I set up a new series on book buying and have promised posts bi-weekly. I’m hoping that will stop the huge hiatuses there.

    Travel goals….maybe Denver…. for Sirens…. 😛

    You could also try setting up a flickr account for your photos!

    1. I tried flickr once. Six years ago. I think I may have managed to post two photos. The service has probably changed a lot since then, but a new start appeals to me. That and Instagram seems better for actual interaction. (I know myself well enough to know that without any sort of validation, this attempt will have a pathetically short lifespan.)

      I would love to make it to Sirens! That would be an amazing reunion!

      The book buying series sounds fantastic! Can’t wait to read it!

      And if you want cheering or encouragement on the tallies, hit me up! It makes for excellent bragging rights, but it loses some of the fun when you have to explain it. Then people sort of pat me on the head and hope I’ll go away if they give me a cookie. Just remember: a single word counts. (Preferably one you write for yourself and not day job or texts or things like that – though I do include Anxiety posts!)

      1. Well, you can always have your instagram photos also share on flickr.

        I am including nonfiction in the form of blog posts (that I hope to compile into a book) and fiction (from story drafts to stream of consciousness rambling).

  2. I love the goals! Especially the picture taking one. I want to get out more so I post less pictures of cats….or at least balance out all the pictures of my cats.

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