Creative Writing Goals for 2017

Kate Larking's focus word of the year is Create.

I’ve set a lot of creative writing goals over the years. Sometimes it works to motivate me. In 2016, I did achieve quite a few of the goals.

Sometimes it does the exact opposite. I missed some categories of my goal because I didn’t form them right. Even if I wrote them in the whole SMART framework (specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, and time-bound), I didn’t construct them properly.


What pleased me with about my 2016 goals list was that I had them separated into categories. With that, I balanced the goals well. But I didn’t unite my goals with a focus for the year. Every goal seemed a little separate and didn’t intertwine. If I worked on one goal, I was sacrificing progress on another. The goals diverged from each other and were competitive with each other for my attention and focus. To get further in one goal, I had to ignore or sacrifice another.

So this year, I am focusing my creative writing goals.

To create my theme this year, I focused on my biggest regret of last year: my lack of creation.
This year, 2017, I will create. My goals are to:

  • Create art and write
  • Create assets from my existing and ongoing work
  • Create conversations about things I am passionate about
  • Create a solid understanding for areas my writing will grow into
  • Create balance so that I don’t let unnecessary things crowd out my precious writing time
  • And, finally, create memories with my now 3-person family.

That is the broad gist of my goal. But let’s go into some specifics that I have to accomplish this year:


Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn has gone well for an entire year! We really are on the verge of growth with it. After having a baby, drowning at work pre-rush after taking a month off, and frenzying over the holiday break, I need to get momentum back behind it.

Goal for 2017: Write at least 6 chapters of Crash and Burn, starting with Chapter 5 (DO YOU SEE HOW BEHIND I AM?! CHAPTER 4 IS BEING UPLOADED RIGHT NOW!)

Short story for Sirens

The Sirens Conference Benefit Anthology is happening again. Last year’s Queens & Courtesans was really great. I did a lot of things I didn’t think I would or could have time or skills for: writing, formatting, proofing, planning, and organizing/scrambling. Before Ryan arrived in November, Jessica Corra (former Inkette and editor of these benefit anthologies) hammered out a timeline for the next Sirens benefit anthology, Witches & Warriors.

Goal for 2017: Participate in the anthology with a story. Submission window is February 1- April 30, 2017.

Personal Writing

Last year, I deliberately left out personal writing projects from my goals. This year’s theme of Create really is in response to the fact that I needed to do that last year but I knew I did not have the time, and the spoons, to work on it. This year I want my personal writing to be a priority and take off in 2018.

Goal for 2017:

  • Develop a consistent writing schedule. It doesn’t have to be every day, but I do need something more than, “My deadline is in two days. Better get those words out now.”
  • Plot, write, and edit the first instalment of my spacepunk story and plot the next two.
  • Draft and write a version of my cyberpunk story I might potentially shop to agents/publishers.
  • Draft and write some of my original story idea rework that hasn’t left me alone lately.


I have a lot of conversations I want to bring to the writing world, either here at Anxiety Ink or at my personal blog My personal blog needs a redesign. It needs to be a hub for my work so people can find me.

Goal for 2017:

  • Get that redesign done!
  • Continue my New Mom Writer series here at Anxiety Ink.
  • Start out my Confessions of a Book Buyer series at


For learning, I am going to do research for the genres I am ready to write in. So, it’s a little bit of market research, yeah, but it’s also to focus my reading game.

Goal for 2017:

  • Read 5 cyberpunk/RPGLit/VR/space adventure books
  • Read book on comic writing (I own it and have been looking at it…)
  • Read text on interactive storytelling creation (a joint project in the future with Crash and Burn artist Finn Lucullan is in the cards)
  • Stretch goal: complete the Sirens 2017 reading challenge.


For balance this year, I have to manage my commitments. I have taken a step back from various associations I worked with, because I needed more time for the end of the year. From now on, I have to be very careful about what I take on, as much as I want to be helpful and make an impact in my community.

Goal for 2017:

  • Attend 2 conferences this year
  • Sell at 4 markets/expos/festivals
  • Make time for writing sessions

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      1. I envy your focus! I’m scattered all over the map, but there’s so much to do . . .

        To get further in one goal, I had to ignore or sacrifice another.

        That makes so much sense! I’ve never been able to articulate that thought, but that’s it exactly.

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