Celebrate Success


Celebrate your success. The little things will keep you going when the going gets tougher. And we all know that it will get tougher.

I feel like I’ve talked about creative hours non-stop, but it looks like I just mentioned them here once this month.

Let me put it this way: I spent eight months revising half a novel, then this month I revised the other half. One month. So that’s exciting.

I’m celebrating by bragging.

But I haven’t finished the draft yet. Time to type (and curse my need to do everything longhand). Then I’ll send the damn thing out to beta readers to get their reactions and feedback.

Maybe when I make the next revision pass, creative hours will help me finish it in two months! Unlikely, but I can dream . . .

In the meantime, I’m going to need a new project. I have a week or two to decide – however long it takes to type everything. But with my less-than-stellar decision making ability, I will need every second. (Even then, it will likely come down to a coin toss. Or dice roll, if I give myself too many options.)


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