Writerly Gift Ideas: Holidays 2016 Edition


Once again, we have reached that time of year when the majority of us scramble like mad for gift ideas. I’d like to share a few of my writerly gift ideas with you. Maybe you have a writer of your own, or maybe you need to find ways to redirect well-meant enthusiasm.

  1. A whiteboard notebook: seriously, these things are amazing. When I lived in Seattle, my apartment had enormous windows that my roommate and I liked to diagram stories on. These are like that, only portable and easier to read. My husband gave me a NUboard a Christmas or two ago, and I love it (and it comes in multiple sizes). They come with a marker, but don’t forget to add some extra colors!
  2. If you want a pricier gift, I highly recommend a fountain pen – so long as you know your writer and her preferences incredibly well. I adore my Pilot Vanishing Point, which is an excellent introduction to the world of fountain pens. (And my favorite ink: Tsutsuji by Iroshizuku.)
  3. Moleskine’s storyboard notebook. I don’t normally storyboard, but I love the idea of this notebook and it makes me want to try new and different approaches to storytelling.
  4. Jeff Vandermeer’s Wonderbook is an amazing masterclass on writing, no matter what level of experience your writer has.
  5. Another amazing reference for any writer? A visual dictionary. Trust me.
  6. A subscription to Locus Magazine, especially if your writer is of a sci-fi or fantasy persuasion. It provides an amazing amount of industry information.
  7. Your writer will love you forever if you gift her a spot in a writers’ workshop, but there are a lot of bad ones out there. So be careful! Keep an eye out for workshops run by authors your writer knows and loves. I’m a fan of Amherst Writers and Artists (AWA) workshops and would trust most AWA-certified instructors to be awesome.
  8. Similarly, a membership to a writers’ convention will go over well. Travel and hotel costs tend to be more prohibitive than the membership, so consider making this gift a group effort.

Have more ideas? Please share in the comments!


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