Final Check-In: 2016 Goals


For me, 2016 cannot end fast enough. Four deaths and a crapshoot of a presidential election, various stressors (the bad kind) in work and personal life, and a dearth of writing productivity all result make me feel like I’m going nowhere fast. But let’s take a look at how I did with my goals for the year . . .

The tl;dr version? Terrible. For the first year since we started doing this here on the blog, I look over my goals and progress throughout the year and feel a sort of failure.

The good news is that I seem to have hit an extreme-for-me extraverted phase. I can’t think of a much better time of year for that sort of thing.

Travel: I made it to Florida in the spring, ReaderCon in the summer, and a gorgeous wedding in Canada in the fall.

Theatre: because of the comedy I acted in this spring, I discovered how debilitatingly exhausting it is to be in a a show I’m not passionate about. I discovered the wonders of stage managing with the fall show, which taught me how to be a better version of me. I even took a master class on movement for the stage – something I struggle with.

I also participated in the 24-Hour Play Festival and became more active in the troupe (a forgotten goal from the start of the year).

Social: I spent most of 2016 in an introverted phase. Regular plans never came to pass, except for Wednesday night Writing Bitch Sessions. Social and writing, all rolled into one! And I have spent some excellent time with friends.

My personal blog started off well enough, but the last post was in September. I went radio silent to focus on stage managing, but then the silence kept growing until I didn’t quite know how to break it.

Writing: the rough draft from the start of the year still languishes, waiting for me to go back to it. I put it on hold to edit a novel. The edit should have been done months ago, but this year. So now the editing is holding to make space for a short story. It won’t have to hold much longer because the deadline is the end of this month.

If I make the deadline, that will mean two stories submitted this year, which is better than 2015!

So I’m just starting to feel like I’m getting my feet back under me. In time for the year to end, but I’ll take whatever I can get, at this point.


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