2016 Goals Final Check-in


2016 has been a huge year for me. I started the year battling depression, I worked more overtime than ever, I supported my wife through her pregnancy, I became a mother to a wonderful little girl, and I overthought a bunch of things.

Writing + Publishing Goals:

  • Comic
    • Chapter 1 – March 1, 2016 – DONE
    • Chapter 2 – June 1, 2016 – Eventually Met…in November.
    • Chapter 3 – November 1, 2016 – DONE
  • Tame the POD monster -I’ve started it? Does that count? I DID tame the POD monster for a charity anthology, but not for the comic.
  • Keep Anxiety Ink going – THE SITE IS STILL HERE! I did struggle, especially in the beginning of the year when I depressed and at the end of the year when I was balancing parenting.

Administrative Goals:

  • Set up the Crash and Burn Patreon – DONE. It is here if you would like to support the comic!.
  • Website Redesign – I still need to do this. But I do have a theme I like that I need to leverage for my redesign.
  • Tidy up Twitter and tumblr – Yeah, nope. Didn’t happen. And, as I went through the year, I realized I simply wasn’t invested in making this happen. I am looking for a social media platform to leverage that will suit me better than these.

Learning Goals:

  • Continue learning Japanese – Yeah, this one fell off the wagon because of baby.
  • Study comic book writing – Okay, so, I learned by doing? *stares guiltily at the few books on comic writing and digital storytelling she wanted to break into*
  • Read more – I didn’t read too much this year, but I did try. I am enjoying the books I do look into but I haven’t been finishing a lot of titles. I don’t add books I don’t finish to Goodreads usually, but I may need to change that policy.

There are a number of things that I did not think would happen this year that ended up taking place:

  • Sell Crash and Burn at Conventions – This happened! We sold Crash and Burn at…seven conferences?! *counts them out again* Yes, 7! I expected we might hit TWO at the beginning of the year. And we hit SEVEN?! I know the artist and I learned a lot about what places were worth our time and how to survive selling for hours on end.
  • Coordinate, Write for, Format, and Publish a Charity Anthology for Sirens – Thi project that crept into my life after I made my writing goals list. Queens & Courtesans, an anthology I co-created, is written, edited, formatted, and now published!
  • Submit a Poem – I actually, somewhat impulsively, submitted one of my poems for consideration in an anthology. If you can believe it or not, this happened after my child was born and before December 2016. In that half a month, I saw a posting and seized it. I just itched to send something out. To just go for it. And I have no idea how it will go but I did it.

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