Women Writing Events: a Reaction


Okay, so, you’ve heard all about my undying love for Sirens. While I love Sirens, I’m finding more and more issues with women writing events.

This last week, I went to a local writing festival’s women writing event. The event hosted high calibre authors–and I did take away quotes, ideas, and motivation from those writers. However, some underlying themes displeased me with in the lecture.

Poor choice in moderator.

The subpar moderator was unprepared, repetitive, and careless with her language. Starting with that, the participating authors were left in a position of correcting her summaries of their answers instead of letting their answers exist for themselves.

It wasn’t intersectional.

The main issue I had with the event is that it wasn’t intersectional. The mood shifted when the moderator’s language dumbed down the conversation and changed it to a binary face-off. The panel could have been a celebration of women writing, the future of women writing, and how women writing can inspire and support other underrepresented communities.

The main reason why I am exploring this topic here on Anxiety Ink is that this perception is shifting to my reading as well. Where I would previously keep reading a book through until the end even if I wasn’t enthused by it…now, I stop. I don’t have the time to invest in things that won’t force me to grow as a person. And while these authors had books and opinions could grow me, the moderator’s uninformed notion of feminism sabotaged the event.

A solution? Not so much.

I don’t have a solution, and I won’t pretend to. Because the solution is all of us asking for more from our events. Reaching out to authors and letting them speak. Not forcing our own views onto another but instead listening and growing.

This weekend, I am at Sirens. A community of people where gender is acknowledged to not be a binary, sexuality exists on an individual basis, and women are a part of a complex solution, not facing a never-ending issue.


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