Queens & Courtesans – Creating an Anthology


What started as a misunderstood Facebook post blossomed into a full anthology. Queens & Courtesans, a Benefit Anthology for the Sirens Conference I love so much, comes out tomorrow. I still have trouble believing we went from joking about creating an anthology…to creating an anthology.

Queens and Courtesans Anthology

Learning Volunteer Nation

We have had more volunteers than I can recall. We had volunteers for editing (former Inkette Jessica Corra, who will be guest posting tomorrow!), writing, beta reading, illustrating, cover designing, proofreading, formatting, and wrangling. This project, at the quality it ended up being, couldn’t have happened without every single one of those bases covered.

The essence of this project was learning. We all were taking on roles where we had to learn. Jessica Corra hadn’t edited an anthology before. I hadn’t formatted print documents before. Many of our contributors did not have previously published stories. We all took on jobs to learn in a community that would enable us to grow with a support net.

Helping Hands

For myself, I ended up as co-creator, formatter, writer, and timeliner. Did I take on too much for this project? Sometimes it felt that way. But that was a symptom of a bigger problem for me. I take on a lot–at times, too much. When I get involved with something, I want to give it more of myself. It had happened with various University projects during my undergraduate degree. It had happened far too many times with the writing organizations I have been a part of.

This project, though, was different. I didn’t own this project and the outcome; we all did. While making the timeline gave me a sense of ownership over the project and its success (or potential failure), I knew going in that I could not be all things to all people for this project.

I asked for help–and I got it! Everyone involved stepped up to the plate.

This entire project took a village, and it was all to raise money for our town hall: Sirens.

Giving Thanks

It was a race to finish before the next Sirens (October 20-23), especially since the idea for the anthology only came into being in February.

Queens & Courtesans goes on sale tomorrow! So, on this publishing eve, I want to say thank you to everyone who helped make this anthology a reality. We all had such a vibrant vision and it came together so well. I feel honoured to have worked with everyone.

And, maybe, let’s do this again. After all, I still have more to learn.


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