2016 Goals: Third Check-In, 75% there!


Last but not least, ok perhaps least when I get down to things below, I’m ready to dive into my third goal check-in! First though, I have to say I love the initial line of Melissa’s update: ‘In all my goals over the years, I’ve never added, “Learn to be productive without outside accountability.”

This spoke volumes to me as I pointed at my computer screen repeating, “Yes.” This is something I too struggle with, something I’ve thought about a lot this year, something I’ve even come up with a plan for –a plan I have failed to execute because I keep letting it get pushed back.

And that phrase about sums up my check-in here: I keep letting it get pushed back. “It” being everything.

I had similar sentiments in my last update but didn’t do anything about them over the past three months. And man did those months fly. I will say I’ve gotten back on track with my blogging; I’m struggling a bit with my personal blog because I’m trying to reorganize it and the process is not going as smoothly as I had imagined.

I’m writing more but not putting words into my stories. I’m using NaNo as my no-holds-barred re-acquaintance with my writing projects in November. But I am writing more, I should focus on that positive.

My update is not nearly as impressive (intimidating?) as Kate’s, but here it is:

  • Write close to 3 000 words per week, half that for blog weeks –my writing prompt Mondays and Wednesdays haven’t seen me hit 3 000, but I’ve accumulated words!
  • Shop “Brew Disaster” around –I have not made the time for this, which is a shame.
  • Shop my literary stories around –see the comment above, again.
  • Read a minimum of 68 books over the year –I did the math on this literally last night. I need to read 38 books in 3 months. I’ll try. Who needs sleep anyway?
  • Introduce something new to Anxiety Ink –I’d say we have this in the bag this year.
  • Write a new short story –this one is still back-burnered, but I may turn to it if NaNo gets tough.
  • Learn how to meditate –I don’t know why I won’t do this!
  • Keep up the exercise to boost energy –I’m doing quite good with this and am seeing the results from my newly varied workouts!
  • Run 5 km without stopping –I pulled something else so I’m giving this up until 2017.
  • Cook more often –this is a time management issue for me.
  • Try something new –working up to this –still.
  • Be POSITIVE –for my own sanity (and tension filled shoulders) I need to work harder on this.
  • Participate in NaNoWriM0 2016 and exceed 2015’s word count –it’s coming and I’m nervous-excited. This year is going to be hard.
  • Finish writing RA2 –I’m counting on NaNo for this.
  • Turn RA1 into a readable manuscript –at this point, this has to be tabled to 2017.
  • Read a Shakespearean play –I picked a play, now I need to read the bloody thing…
  • Be greener –while this is a constant work in progress, I’m improving.
  • Set goals for myself at the day job and hit them –year end reviews are in October and I’m excited to have that discussion. I’m a little worried about next year for a lot of reasons.
  • Edit and complete my crow story –my poor writing, still. I have not made time for this.
  • Draw more –yet another neglected item.

Obviously I’m still struggling with balance. Over the past few weeks I’ve taken a good look at different aspects of my life and have taken steps to overhaul them. Obviously, change for me is hard and slow but I’m fed up with myself so things are changing asap.

An obstacle I’ve only recently realized involves my motivation. All of these goals feed into one big goal but that big goal is too abstract, too hazy. Thus my motivation has no drive -and no endpoint. I need to evaluate what I want and determine a timeframe or else stasis is going to be my perpetual reality.

I have three months before the New Year and I desperately want 2017 to be different than 2016. I have not liked 2016, I have not liked myself in 2016, though the reasons for that were largely out of my control, in part. 2017 is already going to start differently because I’m going on my first real vacation in four years. And if we’re talking about a purely relaxing vacation, we’re talking seven years. I’m due, and I think it’s going to improve my mental well-being more than I can say.


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