Tough to Tackle Reads: An Introduction


Out of our very first AGM sprouted some excellent ideas and desires that Melissa, Kate, and I collectively have for Anxiety Ink. We touched on so many things, and some back and forth opened up the notion of monthly or quarterly reviews we could post associated with the reading and writing niches each of us feel comfortable with and/or revel in.

Mine was easily the most difficult to pin down –especially for me. Kate pitched the idea that I should write a book review on a classic piece of literature every month, and I immediately imagined my reading life going up in flames. I’m just not as fast a reader as I used to be and I don’t have the same blocks of time I once devoted to my reading list. I tell you, adulthood is lame!

Her idea did call to me, however, so I mulled it over and came up with an idea I am extremely excited about! I’ve decided that every quarter I’m going to review a seemingly (or perhaps not so seemingly) tough to tackle read! Hence: Tough to Tackle Reads.

Though my segment won’t focus exclusively on classic literature, I can see a fair bit of it making its way onto the blog. But there are many elements that can make a book tough to tackle aside from being placed in a cannon, such as language, length, and content.

The main goal of my reviews is to convince people that the books they might put off reading, or altogether avoid, for whatever reason are actually worth the time and energy put into them! I’m determined to provide a list that is just tantalizing enough to get you to at least start the book –and I’ll dare you to finish it.

Obviously, this means I’ll be rather reader focused, but if there is a writing aspect, or text, to chat up, I promise to do my best on that front.

One of my other goals here is to discuss books I’ve recently read, though older ones may get pulled from my have-read shelf. I may or may not re-read them, but I’ll always let you know.

I’m absurdly excited about my Tough to Tackle Reads segment! I hope you tune in next week for my very first review!


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