Should a Writer have a Blog?


Behind the scenes here at Anxiety Ink, we have been doing a lot of work. We are getting ready to give the site more structure, a more unified vision, and keep Anxiety Ink in play. But the work has triggered a lot of research and questions. The research uncovers more question, the questions bring up more doubt. One of those questions impacted me personally: should a writer have a blog to begin with?

All the blogging research…

I’ve been researching until I couldn’t sleep, images of hashtags pestering me in the wee hours. I’m full of information on:

  • Websites
  • Blogging
  • Design
  • Monetization
  • Branding
  • Social media…

Part of the research into blogging is discouraging. We don’t get a lot of visitors here. Fewer people comment. A lot of the time it feels like we are sending sealed letters into a void, unsure if anyone is actually reading them besides the three of us.

It can be especially discouraging when you start feeling comparisonitis. Sites doing a hundred times better than us in less than a third the time. They have engaged and loyal followings. They can afford to hire website designers and virtual assistants and still have time to create–

Should a writer have a blog? If you're passionate, yes.

I’m going to cut those thoughts off there. It isn’t that those thoughts aren’t valid. They are. And I get to the point where I ask myself, why am I even bothering to keep a writing blog? Why do any new writers keep writing blogs? Should a writer have a blog in the first place?

But there is something that both those bloggers and us at Anxiety Ink have in common:


Elisa, Melissa, and I all have a passion to strive to become better, more confident writers. That applies to both our non-fiction blog posts and our creative endeavours. Who am I kidding–it applies to our lives. We writers strive, encourage, and motivate each other. And we want to share our struggles because every writer faces anxiety in one way or another, either with their creative work or accompanying nonfiction work.

So. Should a writer have a blog?

It depends on who you are. You have to ask yourself what you are motivated to share. Will you be able to keep it up on your own or do you need the accountability of a group of peers?

For the three of us at Anxiety Ink, we are together as we face our anxieties head-on, offer a shoulder to lean on when needed, and celebrate each other even as we face the mundane writerly struggle of a blank page.

The passion that gives us that strength? That’s worth sharing and blogging about.

We certainly hope that someone will be impacted by our strength. We know we support and encourage each other. So even if it is just the three of us impacting each other–that’s worth blogging about.

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