There’s nothing like a deadline to get you writing…

Pacing and Writing Schedules - Kate's best writing week in April 2014

Not quite a deadline…a “life”line, I suppose?

It is with a mix between joyous excitement and overwhelming terror that I announce that I am soon to become a mother. My wife is pregnant and we are expecting to become a family of three in November (with our four cats and two dogs).

I’ve had a few friends recently become parents and one thing has become abundantly clear: I should expect to have no time. As ambitious as I want to be around having a baby, I will not have time to do anything else, most likely. Especially since I won’t have any sort of parental leave in the beginning–just vacation days and compensated overtime that I’m slaving through right now.

And so my goal is to do all the writing. And I got off to a great start this week.

I finished a short story for Sirens-benefit anthology I unwittingly helped spur into action all those months ago. It’s going to betas now where they will tell me I need to worldbuild more (I mean, that’s the feedback I am anticipating and already working on).

I wrote two proposals for Sirens conference because there was a desperate need for a type of programming. Now only did I write two, but I’m actually quite pleased with how they turned out and am really eager to speak to them at the conference.

I have administrative work like crazy, marketing for the inaugural Panel One Comic Creator Festival.

Oh, and work–where I have a bunch of events this month which is making for a lot of overtime. So just kind of count me as working 6-day work weeks this week and that will be accurate.

Let’s face it, though. There is nothing like a deadline to get you working and finishing things.


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