An Intriguing Invitation


Sorry that I have to keep this post short, sweet, and vague, but I’m kind of in the dark.

Over a week ago, I was randomly contacted by a researcher from the Education Faculty at the University of Calgary. She’s doing a study on Copyright Laws in relation to young Canadian creators (“young” being between the ages of 18 and 26, if I recall correctly) and she asked me to be a participant.

After checking things out –yes, colour me a suspicious Aloysius– I replied to the invitation and agreed to an interview tomorrow.

Thankfully, being knowledgeable about Canadian copyright is not a prerequisite. It’s actually slightly embarrassing how little I know about the finer details of copyright law, something I’ve been thinking about since receiving my first email about the study.

I know the major things –cite sources, never claim things as your own if they’re not common knowledge, and so forth. I have strong feelings about plagiarism since I have been a victim of it and I can tell you it’s no picnic to deal with. Anyway, I also know that a few years ago the laws around using images in Canada changed so that any image that is not your own must be sourced if you use it anywhere.

Beyond that…I am walking in the dark. In all fairness, I am not even close enough in the stage of my writing to worry about it. And yeah, after typing that sentence I feel like that’s a really lame excuse.

I feel like I’m going to take away just as much from this interview as the researcher is. Plus, I get a free copy of Canadian Copyright: A Citizen’s Guide. I can’t come out of this ignorant!


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