I realize it isn’t thanksgiving—either the Canadian one or the American one or any other one. But something that has been on my mind lately is writers in my life, both professional and amateur, that I am thankful for and have helped me continue as a writer.


So, this doesn’t only apply to writers. I have my wife who supports me, a family. Friends who don’t write. But this post is a shout out for the writers.

  • ARWA gals Jillian Long and Victoria Smith (among the many others that are part of ARWA) – Both of these lovely ladies fight battles similar to me, striving at the early stages of their writing careers and balancing the full-time load of work and life. I respect both of them immensely and hope to keep journeying with them as writers and women.
  • Laura Anne Gilman and C. E. Murphy – These authors have continued to encourage me while simultaneously kicking my ass to get my writing in gear.
  • April Steenburgh – April has invited me to be a part of two projects, helping me get my writing legs under me even when I didn’t believe in myself. She showed me that a little bit of passion can go a long way to tying people together and making remarkable things happen.
  • Sirens Conference and all the wonderful people therein – I can’t even begin to outline the impact this conference has had on my confidence in writing stories from my heart and not compromising what I believe in. Beyond that, this conference has taught me so much and opened up so many avenues for me to understand how intersectional feminism is and can be. I am looking forward to wrangling an anthology with these lovely people.
  • Crystal Hale – She has been writing with me since…we began, really. And it’s beed a hard road for both of us. I am thankful she has been in my life and continues to cheer me on and that I have the pleasure to cheer her on.
  • DC Menard & Eric Andrew Satchwill – These two have characters that are extremely lively, twisting and turning dialogue into perfect banter. Their passion for each others’ works is incredible.
  • Amanda Sun – I have only met Amanda a handful of times, but I am constantly reminded about how amazing she is. She pushed forward despite her vulnerabilities and doubts and strives to tell stories that are true to her heart.
  • Brandy Ackerley – She is far more disciplined with her writing than I have ever been and I respect the hell out of that. She also has an unabashed love for her stories and the cultures she bases them on.
  • Glynn Stewart – Glynn has taken life by the horns and has carved his indie publishing career out of the Amazon—and other platform–charts with a dedication I can only aspire to.
  • Clare C Marshall – Clare was one of the first people who I contacted when I got serious about self-publishing. She has been a mentor and guide, an editor and a boss. There is no value I can place on all the things she has helped me with.
  • Ellie Zygmunt – One of my best friends, we constantly deal with physical distance between us as Ellie migrates across Canada. Her love for the literary and genre alike will be a wonderful fixture in the future of Canadian fiction.
  • Jessica Corra – Another of my best friends who came into my life only recently. We write together, fight demons together, and drown in cats together. She has taught me about passion, resilience, and listening to my heart when writing.
  • Last by not least, my fellow Inkettes. E V O’Day and M J King have been cataloguing their struggles and triumphs with me for the past two and a half years. And I could not be more grateful to have such stellar, honest women by my side with Anxiety Ink.

I am so lucky to have people like this in my life and so many other authors like them in my network of friends.


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