Administrative Burden of Being an Indie Author


I’m not sure if I have written about this before. Administrative burdens was something that I factored into with my 2016 Goals post–trying to not overload my plate with goals without taking into account a lot of the effort that needs to go in-and-around them.

The last two weeks pretty solidly been getting ready to share a table at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. Clare C. Marshall of Faery Ink Press has let the Crash and Burn Comic share a table with her–which is at once amazing and terrifying. Because it is the Comic’s first convention–and it’s a big one. Last year saw over 100,000 people attend.

Go big or go home, ne?

Things we have for the first time: printed comic issues for both Prologue and Chapter 1 (which had to be hand trimmed), new buttons, and table setting materials including sign holders and book stands. All of which involved plenty of trips to various stores, trying to navigate deals, and a lot of thought to figure out what, exactly, we needed in the first place.

When people say that artists don’t have a business sense, I call bullshit. Do you know how much it costs to invest in things like an initial print run–even when you find a micropress who is willing to help you at cost–and just everything that goes into setting up *part* of a table? We don’t even have major signage yet. Add onto that coordinating table sharing or paying table cost up front.

Anyway. First con is coming up. Today is set up and I’m caught between really excited and terrified. I feel like there is still so much to do and so little time do it.


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