Over the weekend, I had a lunch date with a friend who is a theatrical badass. (Was that a term? Well, now it is.) I’ve lucked out having him as a director over the last couple years, and he is an absolutely brilliant actor. I want to act with him so badly.

Point is: lunch was amazing.

On here, we occasionally extol the virtues of having a community of creatively-minded people. As I live about an hour’s drive away from what many people might consider a quaint attempt at civilization (the city of Bangor; Ellsworth is closer and technically a city, but a city with a single half-empty strip mall and without a single building that I can think of with more than four floors), it requires significant effort to meet up with artist-friends at all, let alone on something resembling a regular basis. Internet communities are wonderful things, but they don’t entirely replace my need for a physical community.

dictionary focus crop by Chris Dlugosz via Flickr

Internet communities provide creative energy and momentum, but physical community adds focus to that energy. Maybe that’s one reason why I love theatre so much.

I feel like I’ve been going in circles for ages, even when I am getting words on the page (and the fact that this has been an unusually difficult month has not helped), but after our lunch date I know what I need to do to feel like I’m moving forward. Plus, I finally have the focus to sit down and do it.

Whatever happened to salons? Not where you go to have your hair styled, but a gathering of people to talk and exchange ideas. If I lived in Calgary, I would totally try to talk Kate and Elisa into starting an Anxiety Ink salon for artists of all kinds.

For now, I have another hang out date set for next weekend. Focus is a fickle thing, especially when it has deserted me for so long, so I think this timing will be just about perfect.



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