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It’s interesting. Every year we, the Inkettes, make a bunch of goals. By the end of the year, we don’t make them all. And, really, that’s not a huge issue. Because we are still stretching and growing and life changes from the fixed point when we made our goals.

For my writing goals for 2016, I took a different approach to my goals. Last year it was the “be specific, set deadlines” type goals. Instead of making a list of goals on a sheet of paper, the first thing I did was print out a calendar.

2016 Calendar
This is the calendar I used. Feel free to print one for yourself, too. I like it. It’s colourful. (Source)

And I wrote all over it. I made things into a timeline. I accounted for:

  • Times that my workload is highest at my job (publishing seasons, textbook seasons, rep meetings…)
  • Conferences and conventions I was attending (three so far)
  • eBook publishing timelines for the comic
  • Physical Print-on-demand book timelines for various ventures

And there are a lot of goals. But this year I’m trying something a little different. I’m not just focusing on creative goals. I am also adding in administrative aspects as goals that need time budgeted and need to be executed.

So, are you ready? For the mega list of Kate Larking’s writing goals for 2016?

Writing + Publishing Goals:

  • Comic – WRITE ALL THE CHAPTERS. Okay, kidding. But do my best to write a chapter per month and keep ahead of the comic. The sooner the entirety of the script is written, the sooner I can help with storyboarding and typesetting to a greater extent.
    The comic goals at this point are to have new chapters published as ebooks on the below schedule:

    • Chapter 1 – March 1, 2016
    • Chapter 2 – June 1, 2016
    • Chapter 3 – November 1, 2016
  • Tame the POD monster – I have to learn all the ways of print on demand. My goal is to have both Novel Marketing and Prologue-Chapter 2 of the Crash and Burn Comic available August 1, 2016. Formatting a black and white nonfiction book is TOTALLY different from formatting a full-colour comic. And that will pose quite the challenge, I’m sure. But I want to do it this year. Which means planning ahead and setting my proof ordering deadline in advance–which is when the work will need to be done by.
  • Keep Anxiety Ink going – Anxiety Ink is really close to my heart and I have found myself really really exhausted when it came to posting more than once or twice this year. I am going to working on doubling down, working on posts ahead of time, and making sure I take care of this site.

Administrative Goals:

  • Set up the Crash and Burn Patreon – This is pretty much essential. In order to make working on the comic more feasible, we need more of an income on it. A patreon will lead to easing expense woes when working on our first print copy–which may include an offset print special edition. We want to do that so badly but we need the help of our fans to do that. So this must be completed within the first quarter of 2016.
  • Website Redesign – I have to redesign KateLarking.com big time. To encompass both non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and comic writing. So this is going on the official goals list.
  • Tidy up Twitter and tumblr – My Twitter is like a a room in the house where I put everything and don’t look at it. I should start using it more, even if it is mostly linked in with other platforms for posting. But I have to make it so I actually *want* to read the front page of that monster. For tumblr, I think making a space for myself on tumblr would be a good idea now and in the long run. I have a sinking suspicion that either Twitter or tumblr will be accomplished this year, if one of them is done, but I want the idea planted and to come up in the quarterly accountability reviews we do on Anxiety Ink.

Learning Goals:

  • Continue learning Japanese – I started the process this year taking Japanese 1. I want to keep it going and avoid the “I am binge studying an hour before class” study timeline I had for Japanese 1. Hopefully Japanese 2 will be offered this year.
  • Study comic book writing – Hilariously, most of the scripting that I have done is very ad hoc, a mixture between screenwriting and the general impression I have of what comic writing should be. So, I have a few reference books coming my way and I am going to sit down and learn more about how I can do this job better to make my artist’s life easier and to smooth the production of the comic.
  • Read more – I really hit rock bottom in reading this year. Goodreads says I read 71 books. Out of that was: 5 YA books, 2 picture books, 3 fantasy novels, 1 short story collection, 1 non-fiction audiobook, and 1 poetry collection. The rest were manga or graphic novels. I just feel I should try to be more balanced about what I read next year–more fiction, more poetry.
    I got onto a good start for this goal: I purged a lot of books from my TBR (to be read) pile. About 130-140 books, at that. Books are no longer threatening to take over my office, so that’s nice. The only issue I have with this goal is that I get A LOT of books now. Working as a book buyer means I not only ask for some ARCs (advance reading copies), I get them sent to me unsolicited. So I have PILES of reading available. I have to be much much pickier with that I ask for and what I bring home.

So there is no point in making this list and making sure I mention a few things I left out from my writing goals for 2016.

  • NaNoWriMo – Nope. I’m not doing it again. I get really really excited before NaNo and I think it will serve me well, but, ultimately, it does not. I end up crippled from NaNo. I need to work on balancing myself and my writing output, not binge-writing and placing so much of my self-worth on a goal that isn’t personally mine.
  • Timelines for my own writing projects – I’m really conflicted about not mentioning my own projects on this post. I have my spacepunk book, I have a poetry collection started, I have my cyberpunk book that is roaring back from the dead, I have my first fantasy book begging to be written because it’s complicated enough now to not be Mary-Sue-y and even if it was who cares! Write me because you love me! *ahem* My life charges rapidly and I have one fully structured project on the go at the moment. So if I can make a fiction project published and happening, I will. But it depends on all the other stuff that is above this bullet point.

So this has been one of the longest posts I’ve written on Anxiety Ink but I think it was a really important one for me.


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  1. These goals are awesome and good for you for knowing to include the amount of administrative work involved. I, for one, always focus on the fun side… and by forgetting the admin side I often set myself up for failure. You’re one smart cookie!

    1. I wanted to make sure to include the administrative stuff as a goal because otherwise it won’t get done or it will push out everything else. But it’s also kind of fun to think about what I want to do with my website.

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