NaNoWriMo 2015


Last month while catching up with my January goals I said this about my plan to participate in National Novel Writing Month 2015:

I’m putting a lot of eggs in this basket. Not only am I doing intense prep work to clear November so that I can focus on NaNo, I intend to get the bulk of my WIP written during this time, and use the momentum to spur me into getting into the habit of writing whenever I can. No pressure.

The month leading up to November was hectic. Throughout August and September I was more often than not under the weather thanks to my allergies, sensitive sinuses, stress, and the extended warmth that has allowed harvest season to never end. Add in poor sleep and I was a mess.

However, I kept my NaNo goal first and foremost on my agenda. I blogged months in advance so that I lost no writing time during the month (4 weekend days and 8 972 words later). I booked a week off work, devoting my last bit of vacation time to it. I allocated more writing space in my room to my WIP so that I’m spurred to think about it more. I’ve warned friends that I will be largely unavailable during the month although I have more plans than the preceding months somehow…

I’m ready to bunker down and do some serious writing.

I’m working hard to set myself up for success. I might be trying too hard to make NaNo pivotal in my writing life right now, but I need something, and I’ve grasped onto it like a drowning woman. My prep work will continue until Oct 31st, by then I hope to have re-familiarized myself with and revamped my plot, re-familiarized myself with my monsters and setting, and learned more about the little things in my character’s life that are largely alien to me –like weapons.

The eggs are in the NaNoWriMo 2015 basket: the word count goal is set, the word count calendar has been created, the ultimate deadline is set, and the time has been carved out. I’m ready to kill it.

See you at the end of November! Please bring coffee.


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