Writing and Publishing Schedules


One of the most helpful things, yet the most terrifying things, to do when writing is the plan. I’m not talking about character profiles and outlining scenes. I’m talking about what comes after.

Beyond when things will be completed in draft, I’ve been looking at when things will be published. Being indie, this means that writing and publishing schedules also have to include things like:

  • ISBN acquisition
  • Cover design
  • Back cover design
  • Front matter writing
  • Back matter writing
  • Ebook formatting
  • Designing and ordering promotional material
  • Website design
  • Bank accounts and expenses logging
  • Preview/sneak peak writing
  • Mailing list design and updates
  • Uploading time/delays
  • Pricing decisions
  • Launch events

The first book in a project is always the hardest. Considerations need to be made for the series, not just the item, and the infrastructure to move forward needs to be set. From then on, each title needs to be planned for with ample time to deliver on all the pre-publication needs (cover, editing, marketing, uploading).

Not only that one series though. This planning was all for the comic. But I want to do more fiction as well.

And to finish that fiction, I have to budget a lot of time to write it as well as edit.

Which pretty much leads me to: NaNoWriMo.

Source: Nownovel.com
Source: Nownovel.com

It seems to be NaNo week on the blog and I think I’m going in for this one again. I have still never finished a November NaNoWriMo–The closest I got was 45K some years ago. The year before last I hit 35K. I am going to try again, but this time a collaboration of multiple projects: nonfiction, fiction, and comic script. Once I have a draft, it will get added to the schedule with edits and production timelines, hopefully out in time for WWC 2016. I want to finish the draft of SP2M3 well before the January 5, 2016 goal Elisa and I set for each other. Then I want to do more. 🙂


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