We all know by now how I like to challenge myself. Or, you know, run headlong at whatever terrifies me. I have a competitive streak a mile wide, and I constantly compete against . . . myself.

Always room for improvement, right?

Last year, I participated in a 24-hour playwriting festival. At the last minute, I had to drop out as a writer because a family obligation overlapped the first evening, though I was able to continue as an actor.

This year, I’m doing it again, And this year, I’m writing.

Reasons this is terrifying:

  1. I’m slooooooooow.
  2. The last time I wrote a script, I was ten. Ten.
  3. Not a whole lot of time to proof/edit/revise, so the end result will be little more than a rough draft.
  4. This will be performed. On a stage. WITH AN AUDIENCE.
  5. Did I mention I’m slow?

And yet I will do this anyway.

I have also volunteered to workshop a one act script with a few high school students, if their idea survives the summer. This melding of things I love – theatre and writing – is wonderful. But wow, do I have Impostor Syndrome.

All the more reason to do it!


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