Goals Update, The Second


Yesterday, we chucked Dad over the railing and spread his ashes. A thing my sisters and I had on our minds for the last five years, and we finally did it. We were laughing, too. Terribly appropriate, as he would have been the first one to start cracking jokes.

So it’s nicely parallel that Elisa has kicked us off with another round of goals check ins.

In travel: New York City was amazing. I’ve posted about it here and on my personal blog, so I won’t make you sit through any more details.

ReaderCon is this weekend and I am . . . less than satisfied that I will not be attending. It is a wonderful con full of wonderful people that I may not have a chance to see again until next year. Unfortunately, last was a bit much – at least financially – with Istanbul, ReaderCon, and World Fantasy with its corresponding family/DC trip. That’s not even including visits to my sister in Massachusetts.

I’m taking it easier this year, though I did sneak in a brief jaunt down to Boston. Rampant wanderlust makes it difficult to remember that whole “taking it easy” thing. But World Fantasy in Saratoga Springs is still happening this fall!

I’ve so far done three auditions this year! One cut me and one I had to bow out of due to scheduling conflicts, but the other? The other is Dracula. At a fort built in the mid-1800s. I’m in the ensemble, so no lines to memorize! So far, I am a gypsy, an attendant at an asylum, a horse, a door, a . . . sconce? (I’m holding fire, so yay), and a dead body.

That’s just the first act. This is going to be great.

And I’m turning 30 in a couple weeks. It feels like it’s supposed to be the end of an era. I dreaded ten and rejoiced at 20 – still haven’t quite figured out my attitude towards 30.

Last year, I decided I wanted an epic sort of birthday. No idea what that would mean, but I wanted epic. I’d wanted to do something special for my 25th, but my dad died about a month before and I wasn’t exactly in a partying mood. So I decided that 30 should make up for it.

This year, we’re going ziplining. I’ve never been. It’s a bucket list item. This really will be epic.

I began taking yoga earlier in the year, when I can fit it in, and now I’m attempting this running thing. Still a little ambivalent on the running, but I like the way it makes me feel after. Besides which, it’s research for a story.

Unfortunately, I have not improved my submission count since my last update. This is obviously a problem area for me. Ugh.

On the bright side, I wrote six chapters in the new novel in three weeks. (That is a crazy-fast pace for me, FYI.) The last week or so has slowed down, but I’m hopeful I can crank the pace back up, now that the holiday weekend is over and I’ve had my Korean drama fix.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Sounds like you’re on an awesome roll! I can’t wait to hear how the ziplining goes :). I’ve never done it.

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