Goals Update, The First


I’m a little slow with this first goals check-in (here’s this year’s original goals post). Oh, well. I’ve been busy being awesome.

Hair changeI have officially changed my hair color again. Sadly, it’s not pink or turquoise or emerald (my current day job would not appreciate those), but it’s an amazing ombre/color bleed that will be getting a whole lot more red this weekend. Which will be just in time for my trip to New York.

Speaking of which, I am ridiculously excited about this trip. I haven’t been to NYC since college. Plans are wonderfully fluid and relaxed: wandering, writing, and getting in a little story research.

I’ve auditioned for one show (didn’t make it), taken a Zentangle class with my grandmother (structured doodling as meditation!), and made some incredibly basic inroads to learning Korean. Oh, and I’ve managed to read fourteen books this year to date.

So far, so good.

Japanese strawberry mousse cake

Even this strawberry mousse cake happened. I’ve been wanting to learn how to make it for years, and now I have the recipe! It’s a gorgeous cake, and every bit as tasty as it looks.

In writing, I’ve only sent out one submission. So I’m behind where I wanted to be by now.

On the other hand, I taught a writing workshop – something I’ve held as a maybe-someday goal for ages that I figured was far out of reach for where I am now. And I’m taking a Diversity and Narrative class with Mary Robinette Kowal and K. Tempest Bradford, which is fantastic.

I may have to revise my list of goals as the year goes on, if I keep reaching them at this rate.

That’s an awesome feeling.


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