2015 Goals: First Check-In


I have to ask, how is everyone’s 2015 going? Is anyone else finding that it’s flying by just as quickly as 2014? I can’t believe it’s already March AND time for our first series of check-ins.

Life balance is always the number one thing that I struggle with. Work has leveled out some now and it looks like it will stay that way. Famous last words, though, right? Still, I’m holding out hope! I’ve been back on my part-time status for a month now. I was so excited to have more time to myself for writing, exercising, socializing… Guess what I’ve been doing? Sleeping. Staying up too late reading. Oh, and sleeping some more. I’m woefully out of discipline practice. I figure a month to level out and get accustomed to my schedule again is about enough time.

Have I mentioned I SUCK at change? Even good change. And we sprung forward this week. Ugh.

I had a deadline for early April that made me get my butt in my chair and my fingers on the keys. That deadline is up in the air right now, but I’m so into the story at this point I think it’ll continue to do the trick. Which will cover my “write as much as possible” goal. Booyah. I’ve already got the research aspect of my “next anthology” goal accomplished; and the story has been outlined in part and started.

I’m doing well with my “4 new, 1 old” book reading rule. I’m in the middle of an enormous Russian tome that’s been on my tbr for 10 years. It ties with another Russian tome for oldest book on my shelf. Thankfully it’s really good, but dense. And time consuming. But a decade to sit and make eyes at me is long enough.

I’ve been really on top of the exercising, which is also time consuming. However, with my stationary bike I’m getting a lot more non-fiction reading done. A win-win as far as I’m concerned.

I launched my personal blog on March 3rd! I have fiddling to do but I was happy enough to let E.V. Writes out into the world. I’ll be posting there the first and third Tuesdays of each month.

I have taken real, physical steps when it comes to trying to be more positive. My plan is still in the experimental phase and I want to write a post about it at some point so I shall stay closed lipped right now.

As for my other goals. They still need work and active application from me. Baby steps though. Baby steps will get them accomplished at the end of the year. I think I’m doing pretty good right now and want to stay on this good track. And in this happy frame of mind. Although I don’t watch basketball, I have my own March madness to keep me busy. I’m counting on productive-busy since I’ve given myself a pile of work and I have more writing that I must produce than I did in January.

I do love a challenge.

How’s everyone else doing?


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