Happy New Year! Hello, 2015 Goals


Happy 2015 everyone! Are we all excited to leave 2014 behind us? For me it’s bittersweet. First, the bitter: I didn’t cross off nearly as many goals as I would have liked this year and I fell behind not only in my writing but more horrifying (for me) in my reading. Now, the sweet: I jumped out of my comfort zone and traveled to Oregon/Washington and got to know Kate a little more and I learned a lot about not being a student.

There was far more bitter and far more sweet moments but I’m focusing on the future and not the past here.

I’m more than ready to set some new goals for myself. And I’m ready to apply the knowledge about write/life/balance that I gained this year. Like I’ve said before, I love setting goals but I’m not as great at actualizing them. I have the best intentions when I challenge myself but life has a tendency to get in my way. All. The. Time.

This year is promising more stability, however, so I am hopeful. I wrote in January of 2014 that I need to learn how to take baby steps instead of diving head first into arctic water. Looking back, my goals seemed completely attainable on January 1st 2014. On December 31st 2014, after seeing how the year panned out, I feel like I asked myself to swim the English Channel after only ever practicing in a kiddie pool.

Live and learn, right?

In certain respects I’ve grown this year and feel more confident in my ability to make attainable goals that I can realistically cross off my list. So here goes, in no particular order:

  • Write. As often as possible. Fill in all the pages of my word tracker
  • Shop “Brew Disaster” around until it’s picked up
  • Research and then write my story for the next anthology I’ve been invited to participate in
  • For every 4 “new” books I read I want to pick up an “old” book off my TBR shelf
  • At MINIMUM I want to double the amount of books I read in 2014
  • Continue going strong with Anxiety Ink, I have so many plans in the back of my mind…
  • Take time to go outside and breathe a few times a day
  • Walk/bike/exercise more for better energy and health
  • Make dinner twice a week
  • Be accountable: put everything on the calendar, make time, and budget accordingly
  • Don’t take on more than I can handle but push my limits comfortably
  • Shop my literary stories around
  • Participate in NaNoWriM0 2015
  • Get my current WIP done by the end of the year and continue work on others!
  • Get the personal writer website going
  • Show more presence at ARWA: get to more meetings and continue working on the newsletter

I’m more than happy with these goals and can’t wait to get cracking! I’m amused that Kate and I both learned about quantitative goals in 2014 and are each taking a smarter approach. What does everyone else want to accomplish this year?


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  1. Team Read-More Unite! *superheroine pose* I want to make a dent in my to-be-read shelves….which means reading. A lot. Like…400 books O.o Won’t happen but I’ll try! And you know you’ll get the remaindered books X.x

    Hell yes you should shop your literary stories around! I’m excited to see those in print 🙂 And website! We can get that going for you!

    1. Lol, I need a superheroine pose I can read in! I’ve got more than 400…which means like 7 years of reading if I manage 100 a year. Without buying any. Oy.

      I need to make it a priority this year. I stopped shopping a few around after a lot of rejections. I need to pull up my big girl writer pants.

      I will need you for the website, haha!

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