Writing Goals for 2015


When I lined up my writing goals last year, I did so in a pretty unorganized manner. And my writing goals evolved over the course of the year based on what I was doing.

A lot of the evolution came from the fact I had so much variability in my life (job situation, writing situation, life situation) that I had to maintain that flexibility. Going into the New Year, I am facing a lot of the same difficulties. There are lots of plans in my life for this year, ranging from running 10Ks, possible child, graduations, and—of course—lots of writing.

So, for this year, I have taken a look at a few goal-setting blog posts from various sources (and wrote my own for marketing planning at ArtIsMyBusiness.com) to guide my decisions for 2015.

  1. Writing GoalNon-fiction: Write, edit, and publish my planned Street Teams edition of Novel Marketing for August 2015. The outline and research were done in 2014 so the bulk of the formation of the book have been completed. The rest is just execution.
  2. Writing GoalFiction: Create, write, edit, and publish at least one edition of my space serial. I’m going to just bite the bullet and make my fiction happen. I’m excited and terrified.
  3. Writing Goal—Development: Take a writing course. I have one planned for the first part of the year.
  4. Writing Goal—Conferences: Attend two writing conferences. I have already picked up When Words Collide in Calgary and Sirens in Denver, CO. If there is an opportunity to attend a third, I will. With conferences, I will work to present at least once at each conference.
  5. Writing Goal—Blogging: Continue to establish my new partnership, ArtIsMyBusiness.com (I post Mondays! Marketing Mondays!), as well as maintaining Anxiety Ink (every Wednesday).

This list is probably the most confident I have ever been in a New Years’ Resolution list. It just seems to make sense. There are timelines involved for the ones that need it. No day-to-day micromanagement built in throughout the year. No word counts. Just end products, end goals. I think this structure will help me feel more confident going forward and not that I have blown my entire year based on my first week off-kilter.

It’s a bit of a change, really, the way these goals are scheduled. I have personal goals, too. I mean, I have a 10K in May that I’m registered for—I somehow have to make it through to the end of that and running it would be easier than struggling and huffing and puffing, lol. I have many many books on my to-be-read shelves that I need to crack into (I’m thinking if I set a goal like 12 TBR books in the year, I’ll at least motivate myself to make a dent in the very imposing shelves). I just need to make things happen.


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