2015 Goal Making


In case you can’t tell, I enjoy setting goals. Now that I’ve found a decent balance with reality, that is.

So with another new year rolling around, I’m making a new set of goals for myself!

Travel (because there will always and forever be travel goals of some sort): New York City and World Fantasy Con in upstate NY. These will be two separate trips. Once again, I don’t know if I’ll make it to ReaderCon, but I do definitely want to get in some Boston-area visiting.

I want to change my hair color, start learning Korean, and do home-y/nesting type things like build a deck and paint some rooms. There’s a recipe I want to learn and an art class I want to take with my grandmother. I want to have enough sewing lessons with my grandmother that I’m comfortable making simple clothing.

This year, I want to make more gifts than I buy.

I plan to audition for at least two shows and to create a spreadsheet to track which stories I’ve sent out for submission where. 2014 I focused on writing output with finishing drafts of two novels and three short stories. In 2015, I’m focusing on the next part of the process: submissions. The goal is to submit three stories to at least two publications each (response times permitting).

Six submissions may not sound like a lot, but for me it is. 2014 was my most submission-heavy year so far with four. I do not count my story in the What Follows anthology or the story that went in The Word Count Podcast, since those were closer to solicitations.

Also: READ MORE. My reading list for the year is less than impressive.

Beyond that, I’ll see where this year takes me! Do you have any plans or goals for 2015?


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  1. More submissions! I look forward to seeing you kick some ass and take from publication slots 🙂 You deserve it.

    And READING. Why is it that year after year, reading is always on the to do list? I have the same issue but I do want to change it this year. Of course, right now I’m reading a short story anthology and I’m SUPER SLOW at reading those.

    1. Reading has never been much of a goal for me before (the first year people I knew started the 50 book challenge, I managed about 75, I think), but this past year’s total was depressing. So now it’s a goal!

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