Photo Shoot Adventures: Courtesy of Red Rose Photography


If you’ve got a keen eye, you’ll notice that the profile picture for my social media platforms and my bio page here on Anxiety has changed. Today I want to take a step back from writing about writing and talk about my experience with the photo shoot.

A while ago, somewhat out of the blue, I decided it was time to freshen up my “professional” writer image and get my name out there on my own. Which in my mind created the following list (in order of priority): get professional pictures taken, get something published for my platform base, design a website, get in touch with various social medias, and launch said website. Insert the act of writing here and there.

I picture aesthetics first with any project I undertake. A big part of my process is having an image in my head. Kate can attest to this, my primary concern is always what something will look like even before I worry about content. It’s a habit I’ve yet to shake, even though initial image and final image are usually worlds apart.

Having decided I needed pictures taken –good pictures- I thought about all of the photographers I know. Then I thought about the ones who would be willing and able to work with my insanity because 1) I have never done head shots before, 2) I wasn’t certain head shots were what I wanted, and 3) I didn’t know where I wanted them taken. Logically, I approached someone who works with natural light and has never done head shot type pictures before.

red rose photography logo

Luckily, Katie Zanusso is marvelous working behind a camera and she did an amazing job taking pictures of me! The experience itself was good in the way jumping head first out of your comfort zone is. I’m not vain enough to love having my picture taken; having it taken repeatedly was something altogether strange for me. But Katie, with the help of her lovely assistant, made me feel extremely comfortable and got some good laughs out of me.

More importantly, Katie was able to make my pictures convey everything that I wanted: approachability, professionalism, a connection to the natural and urban, and a sense of fun/humour.

It was a crazy day. We started off on foot in the parking lot of the Inglewood Fair’s Fair; transitioned to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, which turned out to be closed(?!?) so we ended up in a nearby field; made a brief stop for some shots with sandstone and funky stairs; then we headed west to where the Elbow river branches off the Bow. We were all so tired by the end of the day that I didn’t realize till later how much work Katie put into the entire affair. She acted as chauffeur amidst brain-dead/Saturday/downtown Calgary drivers and creative genius picking out beautiful spots. Is anyone surprised my only location suggestion turned out to be closed due to flood damage?

I can’t say thank you enough! I don’t think I did say thank you enough…

Katie/Red Rose Photography pulled out all the stops and the mutual experiment was well worth it. I love all of the images and am truly grateful. If you’re looking for a fun professional and quality products I sincerely urge you to think of Red Rose Photography! Katie is based in Edmonton but things can always be worked out. Obviously.

Now, because I know people have been waiting to see them, an assortment of my pictures:




Elisa-23  Elisa-18     Elisa-22

Bonus points to anyone who can guess which is my favourite!


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  1. I’m not going to pretend to know which one is your favorite, but I really like the one with you in the field with the urban skyline.

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