Goal Checkup – Halfway Point 2014

Resolutions and Goal Checkups

Elisa is really on this accountability thing. And *grumble grumble* I feel liable now, after she has posted, to give myself a checkup, too.

Resolutions and Goal Checkups

So let me take a look and see how I’m doing, now that we are halfway through the year. New Years Goal Checkup –Makeup! (Can you tell I’m excited for the new Sailor Moon?)

  • Revise interWIRED and query – I have started. I want to do it this summer, though it might take longer. But this is definitely a goal for the year.
  • Write 6 days a week – I was ON IT during April Camp NaNo. I mean, scarily on it. Then, June, I fell apart. I had to write more freelance work, resumes, cover letters, etc. But I’m revving up for July Camp NaNo so this should be sorted out soon.
  • Walk or work out 6 days a week – I ran my 10K and did decently. I fell off the wagon a bit but I hauled myself up and am now back at Ballet Barre, killing my legs and muscles 3-4 times a week, plus walks. So we’re good on this one!
  • Submit a short story freelance article a month – I’m revising this goal. I have been getting into the freelance goals more in order to balance out the financials. Wrote an article for a magazine and am working on marketing blog work now.
  • Minimize book and magazine purchases – I did buy three books yesterday…with a gift card leftover from Christmas. This in unheard of, how much restraint I have on this front. But, to be honest, I haven’t been reading that much.

There have been a few evolutions on my list that I did not anticipate at the beginning of this year. So let’s add these accomplishments as amendments to my goal checkup.

  1. I have my first book, a marketing book for fiction writers, due out in August 2014. I’m really excited for Novel Marketing. It started as a pet project for research until I decided that I really wanted to share and guide with the information I was learning and re-interpreting for fiction writers.
  2. I have moved up from Direct-at-Large for Graphics for the Alberta Romance Writers’ Association to full-fledged, elected board member–Secretary. Mildly terrified I might single-handedly drive a non-profit to ruinous disaster, but I have so far been able to prettify the website and keep it alive!

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