Where do you get your ideas?

Where do you get your ideas from? A magical wishing well?

Where do you get your ideas? A dreaded question for most writers because, really, the ideas come from everywhere and anywhere.

Where do you get your ideas from? A magical wishing well?
Where do you get your ideas from?

I regularly go through the spam comments here at Anxiety Ink and what I end up seeing is hilarious. Sometimes, there is the entire form content posted with the multiple choices. Other times, there are really odd mashups with keywords put together so your eye snags on a word and this, “Maybe not spam?” because it is ultimately confirmed by the discount, Ray Ban sales link.
In this post, I want to detail a few of my outstanding favourites from the spam filter that have led to some great story ideas for me.

  • “Destiny Lemon” – this was a username that someone had registered with us and I fell in love with it. It promises a really ridiculous romp with lots of comedy. Because, remember, when life gives you lemons, they should at least be freakin’ Destiny Lemons!
  • “Gemstone blueprint” – A quote from a spam filter comment that really got the epic fantasy wheels turning in my head. Doesn’t that sound super neat? I can only imagine how the world might end if the entire gemstone blueprint was assembled (…by the Destiny Lemon). Also mentioned? Gem directories.
  • “Establishment threads” – while I’m sure it was referring to comment threads (maybe, it was a mess of a comment), I prefer to imagine corporations connected via thread magic. I like the idea of the corporate world bound up in something traditionally considered feminine—threads and sewing.
  • “Pretty ornate sleep rooms…cause we can relax there and give the relax to our corpuses, which it certainly deserves.” – Other than offering a free lesson in why thesauruses can’t be blindly depended upon (changing body to corpse can really change the tone of a piece), I imagine a room decorated in an overly ornate and intricate way that it’s difficult to sleep…and it might kill you.

What’s the wackiest place you have found ideas?


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  1. Writing pronpt: “It’s not every day that drinking a glass of lemonade before bed ends up saving your life.”

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